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I would caution against elbows just as much as I would against shoulder issues. For every Josh Johnson there is a Francisco Liriano. Even with the TJ surgery, they both have a different result, primarily because of their main pitches. Johnson uses a Fastball - Change up combo while Liriano uses a Fastball - slider combo. Depending on where you get some of your information. Liriano never had a dominate fastball, it was his slider that made him so devastating. Parker reminds me more of Liriano because he hasn't developed a Change up, while at least a quality change up.

Now with rehab and non-TJ treatment to elbow issues, just look to another Twins player here - Pat Neshek. He has an elbow problem two years ago (not quite that long but pretty dang close) and hasn't thrown a pitch for a long time because he tried and tried to have his elbow heal without TJ surgery. Sure enough, he eventually had that surgery and we'll have to wait and see next spring how his arm/elbow will look.

If I had Parker in a deep keeper league or dynasty league I would be looking to deal while he still has some high value. Don't get me wrong, he has tons of talent, but elbow problems for pitchers are iffy. I would rather take Tim Alderson at this point for I know he isn't injured.

That is just my two cents, for whatever that is worth.

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